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Brunswik cathedral has been built by Henry the Lion, duke of Saxony and Bavaria (died in 1195) in his own memory.
Since the death of his wife, the daughter of an English king, it has been the tomb of the Guelfs.
With its Romanesque works of art this basilica is one of the most prominent domes in Germany. From the introduction of the Reformation on the cathedral was the church of the ducal court with a cathedral dean as its leading clergyman. After the confusion caused by the disputes between state and church in the twenties and thirties of the last century which ended in the « Cathedral settlement of 1954 » between the land Lower Saxony and Brunswik regional church, the cathedral foundation is the owner of and the responsible body for its ecclesiastical and cultural work.
Since 1923 the cathedral has been the bishop's church of the Lutheran-Protestant regional church in Brunswik and has succeded in changing its work from the church of the ducal court to an everydody' s church in the city centre. Its work radiates all over the country


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foundation: cathedral church St. Blasius zu Braunschweig

foundation: cathedral building

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