Company for financial support

The company for financial support is an association of friends of the cathedral and the « Domsingschule » that with its tax deductible donations supports the Domsingschule and its various activities very effectively. As thank-you for their help the members can take some profits. As there are:

  • information early and without having been asked concerning musical projects in the cathedral and activities offered by the « Domsingschule »
  • early reservation of tickets without booking fee ( you save up to 15% of the ticket price )
  • a service for one's favourite ticket Members of the association can reserve their favourite seat before advance ticket sales by addressing the cathedral's secretary. They can pay easily with corrected check and the personalized tickets are ready for them at the evening box- office. This servive is particularly made for those friends of the cathedral's musical performances who do not live in Brunswick and for whom it is difficult to get good seats when using normal advance ticket sales and who have no possibilities to read « Braunschweiger Zeitung regularly »


Concerning children who join the groups a membership is tacid understanding since any form of choir fee is socially unbalanced. The members of the Company define their own fee , a system that does make more sense.

Practical work without this financial aid would be impossible. Here you find a list of the projects supported this in this way:


allowance for holiday courses and trips for children and young people

specific musical furniture ( music plates and note software )

material for the training of children groups, Orff instruments and equipment

musical instruments and equipment, various pianoes, chest-organ, cembalo, kettle-drums, note-stands, desk- lamps, recorders

notes, books, sound-carriers for the note-library and the musical groups

video and hi-fi for the youngest children and note – library

public assembly, equipment for major theatrics


Not supported are building maintenance and fixed expenses, these are offered by the « Dombaustiftung ». In one word the cathedral offers rooms and personal, the rest is financed by the company for financial support.

If you like to support us please write a mail to: