Do you know Brunswick's «Domsingschule»?

It is the biggest institution for Protestant church music in Germany and it is maintained by the foundation « Cathedral Church St. Blasius in Brunswick ». Since more than 30 years hundreds of people who are interested in church music have come together once a week to sing and to make music in various services and concerts. Their leaders are the cathedral cantor, two other cantors and a commited team. One of the characteristics of the « Domsingschule » is that it makes offers on the whole region, far beyond the borders of Brunswick. It is open both for children and adults.

It's history began in 1976 founded by church music director Helmut Kruse. Since 1999 cathedral cantor Gerd-Peter Münden and his team has continued his work. Since then a system has grown which on the one side has a large musical offer on store but as well musically efficient ensembles which cover the fields of church music. Yet Brunswick cathedral has remained its centre and home, although it likes travelling and often does it.

Moreover since 1999 Brunswick « Domsingschule » has become a centre for the developement of voice forming and musical education methods, which are presented annually in nation wide remarked further education courses.

musical education:

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the history of the « Domsingschule » (PDF)

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