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Besides being "city-church" Brunswick Cathedral functions as a classical parochial church. To the cathedral's parish consists of people who live close to the cathedral as well as of a huge number of men and women from different parts of the town who have become members of the cathedral's parish because of their special relationship to the cathedral.

Hence the work of the Parochial Church Council (PCC), which consists of the two reverends and six further members, is different in comparison to many others. The PCC encourages the city-church-work of the cathedral, cultivates contacts to the Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Catholic, Jewish and Muslim congregations in Brunswick and joins in their annual meetings. The PCC supports the twinning with Blackburn Cathedral and Bath Abbey by organizing and participating in mutual visits.

The PCC is especially interested and engaged in the cathedral's music; consequently one of its members is member of the "company for financial support of church musical work's promotion at Brunswick cathedral". Furthermore members of the parochial church council are members of the regional church's synods, Brunswick canonry and the cathedral's board of trustees.

In case of any questions, wishes or recommendations please feel free to contact the PCC via the cathedral office, personally after the services at the cathedral or via email:

membership of the cathedral's parish

If you are interested in becoming a member of the cathedral's parish please provide us with the information requested below. We will contact you soon.


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