Curch for passers-by -
classic parish work -
dialogue with distant people

Brunswik cathedral is aware of its role in the city centre and makes it its task by opening its doors every day and so offering a place for Gospel preaching. Besides it offers the classic programs for seniors, confirmees and persons interested in culture and music , at the same time broadening its cultural offers so to address people in a more and more secularized town who are not member of the parish. To combine Biblical message and elementary questions of faith with a changing civil society is equally part of the cathedral's image. Nationwide Brunswik cathedral is one of the first city centre churches conceptionally and programmatically working in this way. Forms of short prayers and special services, night events and lectures, concerts and study trips into countries of the Bible, expositions as well as the weekly courses of the Bible school are elements of the cathedral's work and at the same time an expression of church life.

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Braunschweiger Dom St. Blasii
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Braunschweigische Landessparkasse (Nord/LB)

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